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How to Remove Threads from Instagram Bio

Instagram threads allow users to share disappearing photos and messages with their close friends list. While threads can be fun, they also clutter up your Instagram bio. If you want a clean bio without random threads, here’s how to remove threads from your Instagram bio.

How to Remove Threads from Instagram Bio

Why Remove Threads from Instagram Bio

Here are some reasons you may want to delete threads from your Instagram bio:

  • Cluttered bio – Threads app takes up space in your bio, leaving less room for a description, link, or call-to-action. Removing threads declutters your bio.
  • Random threads – Over time, you may accumulate threads you no longer use or remember creating. Deleting old threads gives you a fresh start.
  • Privacy – If you don’t want random people to know you have threads or see your thread names, removing them from your bio hides that information.
  • Aesthetics – Some people prefer the clean look of a bio without multiple thread names.

How to Remove Threads from Instagram Bio

Removing threads from your Instagram bio only takes a few taps in the Instagram app:

Step 1: Open Your Instagram Profile

Open the Instagram app and go to your profile page. This is the page other people see when they view your profile.

Step 2: Tap “Edit Profile”

At the top of your profile, tap the “Edit Profile” button (on iOS it looks like a pen icon, on Android it looks like three horizontal lines).

Step 3: Delete Thread Names

In your bio, delete any text that relates to threads. This includes the thread names and any phrases like “swipe up for threads”. Delete the thread names one by one until your bio is thread-free.

Step 4: Save Changes

Once you’ve removed all thread names from your bio, tap “Done” (iOS) or the check mark (Android) to save your changes.

The thread names will immediately disappear from your Instagram bio. The threads themselves will remain intact in the app, but they will no longer be publicly listed on your profile.

How Do Threads Get Added to Your Bio?

Threads get added to your Instagram bio automatically when you create a new close friend thread.

Here’s what happens when you make a new thread:

  • You select close friends to include in the thread.
  • You name the thread (e.g. “Weekend Plans”).
  • The thread name is automatically added to the end of your bio.

Any time you create a new thread, the process repeats, adding another thread name to your bio. That’s how your bio can quickly become overloaded with thread names.

To avoid clutter, name your threads generically like “Threads” or disable the auto-adding of names in your Instagram settings.

Does Removing Thread Names Delete the Threads?

Importantly, removing thread names from your bio does not delete the actual threads.

The threads still exist in the app and your close friends can still access them. You simply remove the thread names from public view on your profile.

It’s sort of like having a private conversation in a public place. Even if you stop loudly announcing the conversation, you can still discuss it discretely with your friends.

To completely delete threads, use Instagram’s “Delete Thread” option from within the thread. But removing the names only hides them from your bio.

Can You Hide Threads Without Deleting Names?

If you want to tidy up your bio but keep the thread names intact, there are two options:

  • Temporarily hide bio – You can toggle your bio on and off without deleting thread names. Just edit your profile and tap “Hide Bio”.
  • Make bio private – In settings, you can make your bio visible only to your followers, not the public. Thread names will remain but only followers will see them.

However, the only way to permanently remove thread names from public view is by deleting them manually as described above.

What Happens When You Remove Thread Names?

Here’s what to expect when you delete thread names from your Instagram bio:

  • Thread names disappear – The thread names will immediately vanish from your bio once deleted.
  • Threads remain intact – The actual threads stay active in the app for your close friends. It just removes the public link.
  • Followers get notified – When you make bio changes, your followers will get a notification saying you “changed your bio”.
  • Names may reappear – If auto-adding is enabled, new threads could add names back to your bio. Disable auto-adding in settings to prevent this.

Overall, it’s a quick and easy way to clean up your bio while keeping private threads private.


Remove Threads from Instagram Bio and Cleaning up your Instagram bio by removing thread names is an easy way to declutter your profile and keep private threads private. Simply delete the thread names manually and they will disappear from public view. Just keep in mind this does not delete the actual threads – it just hides them behind closed doors. With a streamlined bio and hidden threads, you get the best of both worlds

Q1: What happens if I delete a thread name?

Deleting a thread name removes the name from your bio but does not delete the thread itself. Your close friends can still access and use the thread feature.

Q2: How do I permanently delete an Instagram thread?

To permanently delete a thread, open it in the app and tap the three-dot menu > “Delete Thread”. This will delete the thread and remove its name from your bio.

Q3: Can someone mention a thread if the name isn’t in my bio?

No, someone can only mention a thread in your bio if the thread name is still displayed there. With no names, they have no way to know about or mention your private threads.

Q4: What’s the point of removing thread names if friends can still see them?

Even though your close friends can see your threads, removing the names hides them from the public view of your profile. It keeps them private.

Q5: If I remove threads, will my followers get notified?

Yes, any changes to your bio including deleting thread names will send a notification to your followers saying you “changed your bio”.

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