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How to follow everyone on Threads after skipping

Threads is a popular messaging app that allows users to have public conversations in threads. If you’ve been skipping users in threads and now want to follow everyone, there are a few methods you can use. This guide will show you how to easily follow everyone on Threads after initially skipping them.

How to follow everyone on Threads after skipping

Follow Everyone On Threads After Skipping

When browsing busy threads on the Threads app, you may be prompted to skip users you don’t want to follow. Over time, your skip list can get quite long. If you change your mind later and want to follow some of those skipped users, the app unfortunately doesn’t have a clear way to undo the skips.

Luckily, there are a couple of straightforward methods you can use to Follow everyone on Threads after skipping them. The steps below will guide you through clearing your skip list and choosing to refollow those users with just a couple of taps. Being able to follow in Threads ensures you don’t miss future commentary from users you initially passed on.

follow everyone on Threads after skipping

Clear All Skips

  1. Open the Threads app and tap your profile icon in the bottom right
  2. Select “Settings”
  3. Choose “Social settings”
  4. Tap “Clear all skips”

This will wipe your skip list clean, allowing you to rediscover and refollow all those you previously skipped. As you continue browsing busy threads, users you had skipped before will appear once again in your feed.

Refollow Users Individually

If you don’t want to refollow every single user you’ve ever skipped, another option is to selectively refollow certain accounts. To do this:

  1. Tap into any thread that a skipped user has commented in
  2. Tap on their comment to open their profile
  3. Select the “Follow” button

This will cause that user’s future thread comments to show up in your feed again. You can repeat this for multiple previously skipped users without having to Follow everyone on Threads after skipping all accounts at once.

Follow Back Users Who Follow You

Another approach is to simply let skipped users follow you first. Even if you’ve skipped someone, they can still choose to follow your profile. When this happens, you’ll get an alert that they followed you.

You can then easily tap “Follow Back” on that alert to add them back to your Thread feed. This allows you to selectively Follow everyone on Threads after skipping them, by only refollowing those who show enough interest in your commentary to follow you first.

Follow Back Users Who Follow You

Tips for Managing Your Skip List

Here are some tips to effectively utilize Thread’s skip feature without fully blocking users long-term:

  • Periodically review and prune your skip list to unclog the following
  • Skip conservatively, knowing you can always refollow interesting accounts
  • Use skips temporarily on very active accounts cluttering your feed
  • Refollow users who engage thoughtfully with your commentary

The skip tool should help organize your feed, not permanently ban commentary. So feel free to follow back previously-skipped accounts that provide value.

Using Third-Party Apps to Manage Skips

While Threads doesn’t directly allow you to view a list of users you have skipped, some third-party apps unofficially provide this feature. For example, the Threader app allows you to see all your past skips in one place.

Having an indexed list can make it easier to evaluate and prune your skip list. You can scroll through and make informed decisions about who you’d like to Follow everyone on Threads after skipping.

The process works like this:

  1. Download and install the Threader app
  2. Access the settings and view your skip list
  3. Tap to unskip specific users you’d like to follow again

By providing transparency into your previous skips, third-party apps give you greater control. You don’t have to permanently block users just because you want to briefly quiet them.

Following Topic Commenters vs Individuals

When reconsidering your skip list, think about why you use Threads in the first place. For many, it is to follow specific topics and conversations. Other users focus more directly on commentary from unique personalities.

If you’re interested in engaging in discussion around certain subjects, consider Following everyone on Threads after skipping them if they contribute valuable insights to topics you care about. Don’t worry so much about the individual users themselves.

On the other hand, if your main goal is to find witty personalities that entertain you, be more selective in who you refollow. Seek out individual users with unique styles that you specifically enjoy interacting with.

In most cases, balancing topic contributors and entertainers keeps Threads interesting. But occasionally pruning your skips based on these categories makes the app more engaging.

Common Questions about Refollowing Skipped Threads Users

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about how to Follow everyone on Threads after skipping them:

1. Will skipped users know if I refollow them?

No, they will not get a notification if you remove them from your skip list and refollow them. So you can safely follow without awkwardness.

2. Can I tell which users I have skipped previously?

Threads does not have a public list of users you have skipped. The only way to know is if you try to follow them and get a notice you already had before.

3. What happens if someone skips me back after I refollow?

You’ll remain followed by that user, even if they add you to their skip list later. Skips are a one-way action, so you won’t automatically unfollow someone just because they choose to skip your commentary.

4. Is there a limit to how many users I can skip?

The Threads skip limit is not publicly listed, but is likely in the thousands. So feel free to liberally skip very active accounts that clutter your feeds as needed over time.

5. Will I see notifications if I refollow users who skipped me?

No, if someone is still skipping you even after you refollow them, you will not get notifications for their future thread comments. You would have to wait until they decide to remove their skip on you too.


After initially Following everyone on Threads after skipping them, most users will eventually want to clean up their skip list and refollow certain interesting accounts. Luckily Threads makes it easy to either clear all skips at once or selectively refollow certain users who post intriguing commentary. Periodically pruning your skip list prevents you from missing valuable discussions in crowded threads.

Combined responsibly with the mute tool for temporarily quieting active feeds, skips remain a useful way to curate the discussions you see on Threads. Just resist the urge to permanently block commentary long-term. Refollowing previous skips keeps the conversation open to fresh perspectives.

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